Our partners

At Clarivate Analytics, we recognize the essential role our partners play in our customers’ success. Our life sciences partner program provides a strong foundation of support and collaboration that enables unparalleled value and mutual success for our customers, our partners, and Clarivate Analytics.

Our partners share our commitment to customer value. Clarivate Analytics is committed to supporting our partners through our partner programs focusing on:

  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives
  • Access to a broad and growing customer base
  • Technical expertise on Clarivate Analytics life sciences platforms and solutions
  • Co-innovation and co-development

NoteClarivate Analytics life sciences partners are not resellers and are not authorized to resell Clarivate Analytics solutions.

Become a Partner

If you are an innovative services and technology-based company with a vested interest in life sciences, a partnership with Clarivate Analytics could enhance your client offerings with comprehensive and timely scientific data and competitive intelligence.

Clarivate Analytics supports access to the company’s life sciences information at the point of customer need through application-specific solutions developed by third party partners, creating a mutually beneficial solution for users. These solutions can include data ranging from ontologies, to biological target information and information to support pharmaceutical business development activities.

Current Opportunities for Integration

Clarivate Analytics offers a growing suite of application programming interfaces (API’s) designed for our partners to integrate our rich content into their solutions. These knowledge areas currently include:

Cortellis Analytics APIAggregate data to build a competitive landscape for any indication, action or company and display all competing drugs complete with their development histories.

Cortellis Biomarkers API: Find biomarkers and their uses across the full spectrum of drug discovery and development.

Cortellis Clinical API: Access detailed information for trials across all therapy areas. See relevant clinical trials by biomarker, patient segment, drug, company, or indication, and get breaking news on drug development from press releases and conferences.

Cortellis Company Analytics API: Compare patent, pipeline, financial, and deal information across organizations. Use key performance indicators to contrast organizations.

Cortellis Drug Design API: Build QSAR analyses from experimental results reported in literature and patents.

Cortellis Drug-Drug Interactions API: Determine the effect of a drug or a metabolite on another drug’s pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic profile with manually curated content.

Cortellis Investigational Drugs API: Build a complete pipeline database accessing the competitive intelligence content of the Cortellis platform. Search, retrieve and export drug, deal and company content. Search and retrieve disease briefings and browse different taxonomies.

Cortellis Ontologies API: Search and browse Cortellis ontologies. Map diseases and actions to external data sources identifiers.

Cortellis Opportunity Monitor API: Match the in-licensing candidates in your system to Cortellis using our custom matching algorithms. Track the progress and development of licensing targets. Nine types or events can be monitored, such as: drug has advanced in the clinic; drug has been reported in clinical development in a new territory or for a new indication; drug development status has changed for a specific country or indication; new partnering or licensing deals associated with target drug have been announced, etc..

Cortellis Patents API: View the competitive patent landscape around a particular drug, disease, inventor, or mechanism of action and provide tailored patent alerting to workgroups.

Cortellis Regulatory API: Access regulatory reference documents, view summaries of procedures and reports, or build comparisons of regulations and drug approval documents from across the world.

Cortellis Targets API: Build a target index with all information about a target and the drugs active on it. A target record contains gene, RNA and protein information as well as relevant target-condition association along others.

If you are interested in becoming a Clarivate Analytics life sciences partner, please contact partnering.ecosystem@clarivate.com.

Embed Clarivate Analytics quality datasets directly into your own organization’s software, workflows and analytics tools, minimizing duplicated effort and time spent acquiring and manipulating data. For more information, visit Cortellis Labs.